Library Launchpad

The Richard B. Harrison Community Library hosted an outreach event for elementary school children, and we partnered with AIAA to create activities for the children. They built space bases out of paper and popsicle sticks, made bottle rockets, and went through an astronaut training obstacle course.

Personally, I was expecting all the space bases to be covered in guns, but these children didn't seem as militaristic as I'd expected. The first one I talked said she was building a robot, and when asked what kind of robot, said 'a PEACEFUL robot'. It was probably good for the robot to be peaceful, since a robot made of construction paper may not hold up well in a fight.

A room full of kids building space colonies
The kids are still building space colosnies
Not just kids are building space colonies
More building
An assembly line for bottle rockets
Putting a bottle rocket together
Blast off!

by Nathan Yinger - 17 Apr 2015